How IT Works

1. Purchase a "Map"

- For starters purchase a map. The treasure map consists of a list of clues. You will start by receiving one clue at the start time of the hunt, and will receive a new one at each location you scan. In total you will receive six clues and go to six locations across the city.

- The Map (clue) Will be accessible via a link that is sent after you complete your purchase. This link will be sent to your email (check junk) and sent as a text to your phone. Use that link on the day of the treasure hunt to receive Map/First Clue.

**During check out make sure you enter your phone number correctly and click the check box to allow text messages.**

Purchase map here

2. Hunt Day

- On the day of the hunt you will use the link that was sent to you when you made your purchase. You will use this link to access your "map" First clue that will get you to the first location and so on.

- At each location you're going to scan a Treaźe Box® You'll see it. They are green. You can either scan the QR code or tap the box using NFC.

- After Scanning you'll get a clue that will lead you to the second location then to the third and so on.

- There will be six locations in total. At the sixth there will be a final riddle. Figure the answer out. Type it into our I WON page

How do I scan Treaźe Cards®?

3. I Won

 If you think you've figured out the answer to the final riddle type it into the I WON section.

I think i won

Upcoming Treasure Hunts

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You're not going to find a better experience for this kinda money. Love it! Doing another one this weekend.


Amazing solution to help small businesses, especially during Covid. . Please come to Vancouver


Incredible way to bring the family together, ease of use is a plus


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